Look better, feel better and have fun!

Welcome to Give Me Strength, where regular people discover how strong they can be.

Look better with Give Me Strength

  • Get leaner and firmer
  • Smile more as everyday activities get easier (take that, 40-pound bag of dog food)

Feel better with Give Me Strength

  • Make joints happier by supporting them with stronger muscles (we’re talking about you, knees)
  • Counteract your keyboard slump
  • Build stronger bones
  • Improve your balance and flexibility
  • Help those hidden markers of good health, with improved blood pressure, insulin sensitivity and blood lipids

Have fun with Give Me Strength

  • Chat up your classmates, thanks to the small classes (maximum nine lifters)
  • Learn new skills that you can use outside weight room
  • Cheer on your fellow lifters—and get cheered!
  • Get personal attention and instruction

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