Chocolate milk indeed replenishes nutrients

You’ve heard the one about drinking chocolate milk after a workout, right? Well, it’s true, as explained in this news release from the University of Texas where John Ivy led research into the matter. That study put in practical terms the findings of other researchers, including M. Beelen and others, in such studies as “Nutritional Strategies to Promote Postexercise Recovery.”

Although I’m not a fan of chocolate milk, I’m glad that some basic, readily available food item is recommended, because there are many, many companies promoting overpriced nutritional supplements that purport to be the best thing after exercise. You can go that route, but you have other options that give the carbs and protein you need at a lower price. Among them are a fruit smoothie; a large bowl of breakfast cereal with milk; or a bagel with peanut butter and milk.

You can see a handy list of journal articles on the subject at the Australian Institute of Sport.