Why lift Olympic-style?

More than a couple of people have asked me why do Olympic-style weightlifting? Why not do machines? Among the many reasons, let’s talk about one: daily living. For example:

  • carrying groceries
  • lifting children
  • moving giant bags of dog food
  • jumping to grab things off the top shelf
  • hoisting garden supplies
  • moving furniture
  • climbing out of a low-slung chair

soldiers and Olympic weightliftingWhen was the last time you had to move something that provided a clear and predictable path of movement? Probably the last time you used a weight machine, that’s when.

Because the Olympic moves require complex combinations of movement, they are more likely to prepare you for those daily tasks. OK, so the heavy things in our daily lives aren’t shaped like barbells, but they do require you to squat and bend and pull in quick succession, just like Olympic weightlifting.