The business

Give Me Strength has been building stronger bodies through weightlifting  in Lawrence, Kansas, since 2012. Classes meet at 412 E. Ninth St.

The program

The workouts are built around the strength-building lifts and some of the skill-building lifts used in the sport of weightlifting that you see in the Olympics. This mode of training promotes strength, power and flexibility as it involves large muscle groups, full ranges of motion and quick movements (at least in some of the lifts). Read more on the FAQ page, or see what clients have to say.

The coach

usaw-logoCoach and proprietor Janet Majure has been lifting since 2006, and she loves sharing weightlifting’s amazing benefits with her clients. Weightlifting really does make for better living.

Janet started lifting because of severe osteopenia. Since she began, her bones got stronger, and her increased strength has made every physical activity easier. Janet earned a Level 1 Certification from USA Weightlifting, the body that oversees competitive weightlifting.


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