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In April 2013, I was sitting in a Doctor’s office, riddled with anxiety. I was only there for my annual “well woman”! Why was I so worried? The answer is simple. I had not been taking care of myself for some time up to this point.   I was worried I had waited too long to decide to make things right with my body. As it turns out, my gut feelings were accurate. Albeit, not as serious as I had dreamed could be the reality. Separate from weighing in at 180lbs on my squat 5’4 body, my blood was telling the doctors I was borderline diabetic. If you know me, this is all it took to give me a swift kick in the butt. If I was given the driver’s seat so to speak, all I needed was the green flag. I told the doctor she had no need to worry about me. I would be back next year with this little matter taken care of.

Trying weightlifting

I couldn’t do it alone. The motivation to exercise just was not overwhelming me. I would cruise around on my bicycle here and there, but nothing too taxing. Then along came a friend. She tells me I should check into the weightlifting class she had been attending. I did. Because I knew I should.



Enter Janet Majure, coach, mentor, all around fantastic person. I contacted Janet and was put on a wait list. Janet communicated with me regularly until a spot opened up in one of her classes. So began my body transformation. I arrived on Ms. Janet Majure’s doorstep, 180lbs, out of shape, and aching in places my age should not be experiencing to the degree I was. My knees were killing me and were trying to convince me to think about surgery. My lower back was giving me fits often. I just had a whole host of reasons why lifting weights was not going to be an enjoyable experience for me at this point in my life. Not to mention, my strength had decreased drastically over the time I had stopped taking care of myself. In my mind, the whole weight lifting scene was for back when I was young and enjoyed doing it. I was basically feeling hopeless.

I attended regularly because Janet became my accountability. It was hard in the beginning. Not so much because the weight was heavy, but more because of my motivation and my worries about injury due to the problems I described above.

Real changes

The changes in me were so gradual it took me awhile to notice. Suddenly I realized my grandkids weren’t as heavy as I thought they were months before. It became less of a big deal to put something heavy way up on the top shelf. My knees didn’t kill me anymore when in one position for too long. I could squat down and play with the kids….be the catcher for the impromptu family baseball games. My bike rides became real bike rides again. I felt like I could climb a mountain with all this newfound strength.

The most important benefit I have discovered during my time with Janet and strength training is feeling good about me. I am not the prettiest. I am not the best built. I am not the most fit. However, I am an individual and I am doing the best I can. I can be proud of this

Feeling fantastic

Janet worked with me, listened to me, monitored my progress, challenged me and ultimately got me over the hump of having the make myself go attitude, to “please, can we have one more class per week!” I became, and still am, excited when it is weight lifting day. Janet and the women she has chosen to mentor are awesome! My experience in my class is being surrounded by supportive, encouraging and inspiring women.

Now, a little over a year later, 45lbs lighter, a whole lot stronger, and no worry of diabetes imminent, I feel fantastic! I feel strong and am comfortable with my body. I know I am keeping it strong and feeding it well. The combination is rewarding and addictive!

Janet will forever be my weight lifting mentor. I owe her for helping me get my life back.

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