Read what clients say about weightlifting with Janet Majure…

“supportive atmosphere”    “so much fun”    “love my weightlifting class”

“less time with greater results”     “balance and stamina improved”     “[now] free of pain”

“terrific teacher”     “fantastic coach”


A huge change
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Janet has created a place where I can be comfortable getting stronger. It is a supportive atmosphere (and challenging!) with mostly women ages 30 to 70. I have seen a huge change in my strength & bone health. I just love this class!

—Diane Horning, 60
Something special


Janet has created something really special in her weightlifting classes. When I joined class, my goal was to get stronger and protect my bones. My body is happy I joined and I feel stronger in all the day-to-day tasks that require muscle and strength. Whether I’m hefting a 40-pound bag of wet mulch into the back of the van or carrying lugs of school garden produce, I can do these tasks with more ease and grace. What keeps me coming to class is Janet’s ability to welcome, support and constantly challenge me in a gentle and fun way. A little extra I wasn’t counting on is the feeling that I am part of a community of people that I look forward to being with twice a week.

—Nancy O’Connor

[After taking Janet’s class]… I realized my grandkids weren’t as heavy as I thought they were months before. It became less of a big deal to put something heavy way up on the top shelf. My knees didn’t kill me anymore when in one position for too long. I could squat down and play with the kids… be the catcher for the impromptu family baseball games. My bike rides became real bike rides again. I felt like I could climb a mountain with all this newfound strength.

—Pam Hahn, 45

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Feel and look better


I have taken “weight lifting” classes and used machines at a gym, but following Janet’s systematic approach is the first time I have had measurable results in terms of strength. Plus, I have maintained my bone density without medication, and I feel and look better.

—Angela, 65
Improved stamina and balance

Since starting weightlifting 18 months ago, not only have I gotten stronger (I no longer need help carrying my dog’s 40-pound bag of food to the car!), but my balance and stamina have improved. Janet’s classes are supportive, and everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace.

—Linda Cropp, 54


I am 64 years old, and tonight I lifted over 100 pounds in a dead lift! I have never had so much fun and such great results in a workout. Did I mention that I’m 64? LOVE IT! AND JANET!!

—Valerie, 64
Stronger and better posture

After starting this class this summer, I am stronger and have better posture after only a few weeks. Janet teaches everyone at their own pace, and knows how to push her students so they get results without injury!

—Alison, 31
I recommend it


I love my weightlifting class! I was apprehensive, because in the past I’ve hated those weights-aerobics classes. This is a completely different experience! I can feel my newfound strength regularly in every day life. Plus, it’s a great way to blow off steam! I recommend it to everyone I meet wanting to improve their fitness!

—Susan Lee, 27
Full of encouragement

I have been in Janet’s class for about a year and a half. I started because I have osteoporosis. My last bone scan showed that I had improved! Janet is a knowledgeable, careful trainer and full of encouragement. It’s a great class.

—Anne Fowler, 67
Great feedback


Janet is a terrific teacher who pays close attention to her students and provides great feedback. Her class is not only making me stronger, it is, by far, the best anti-depression treatment that I’ve ever experienced!

—Diane Silver, 62
Getting stronger
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I always feel my workout is tailored to my abilities. I appreciate Janet’s observations and advice. Instead of just not going downhill, I am getting stronger. It is also a fun group to work with.

Michael, 67
Pain free

Shortly after I began weight training with Janet, I noticed I was not having the always-present lower back pain and temporarily restricted movement that I’d been having for years after a favorite pastime of traveling. I was free of pain even after wrestling my luggage, vacuuming or lifting heavy objects. Stronger is a great feeling.

—Mitzi McFatrich
Less time, greater results


I took this class to become stronger and I have. I am able to do the most rigorous tasks of my life easily now, without pain. The longer I work on weights, the easier these tasks become. I am more confident of my movements too: climbing, lifting. It takes less time with greater results than any workout program I’ve ever tried. Janet’s encouragement and sharp eye help me improve.

—Deb Rowden, 59


Fantastic coach


I knew weightlifting would benefit me physically, but I had no idea just how much! Within six weeks of starting, I was able to discontinue taking medication for arthritis in my back. Janet is a fantastic coach!

—Roberta Woodrick, 49
Love this program!

I started working with Janet in January 2014. To be honest, I didn’t expect to like it particularly. I don’t know what I expected exactly, but I knew I needed to start doing some weight-bearing exercise and I thought I’d give it a try.

I LOVE this program! Janet is a clear, patient, encouraging teacher and I love how weight-lifting makes me feel. I’ve gained significant strength and love feeling confident in my strength even as I’m hitting my mid-50’s. I like the consistency of doing the same 6 lifts combined with the variety of the amount of weight and number of reps and sets. In the past I’ve had occasional back issues but since starting this program I’ve had no issues whatsoever. 

I’d recommend this class to anyone, truly. It’s individualized; you start wherever you are and get stronger from there, and its’ only two hours out of the whole week! Fabulous.

—Carolyn Welch, 54