A work in progress

This portion of the website is intended to highlight news and other information from the world of weightlifting and related fields. I add to it as time permits, but in the meantime, I hope you find the posts here interesting. Your comments are welcome (although I reserve the right to delete those that I find…
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New coach to lead new class

Colleen Boley, an expert lifter, will lead a new class, to be offered at 9:15 a.m. on Monday and Wednesdays beginning in January. (We plan/hope to offer substitutions in each other’s classes, assuming we can sort it out.) Colleen, 31, has been lifting 15 years, and regularly practices the competition lifts (the clean-and-jerk and the…
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Great lifting on view at Olympics

The Olympics provides a great way to see the best lifters using the best technique. The competition lifts, particularly the clean and jerk, put together all the pieces that we work on in class. Want to see a few? (Note: this links probably won’t work forever.) Here’s the weightlifting schedule, via NBC Sports: http://www.nbcolympics.com/live-stream-schedule/weightlifting Here’s the…
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Why we do the things we do

If you wonder why we do this weightlifting regime rather than some other, here are key points: It’s all about strength and power. Strength and power translate to greater ability to meeting the physical demands of daily life. Using barbells and dumbbells imitates real-life uses of strength. In daily life, there’s nothing to steady you…
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Men get osteoporosis, too, and lifting can help

A recent study found that middle-age men with osteopenia—loss of bone mass—can rebuild bone with weightlifting exercises. Although this result from a randomized trial isn’t surprising, it’s worth noting because unlike many studies its subjects are neither college students nor institutionalized elderly. Of particular interest to me were comments from the lead researcher, Pam Hinton,…
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Weightlifting is practical

Weightlifting makes life easier in many ways. Here are some benefits that clients have mentioned: Carrying:  dog food, garden mulch, kitty litter, case of wine, groceries Lifting: grandchild, suitcase into overhead bin on plane, heavy boxes Squatting: to get things off bottom shelf, to pull weeds, to talk to child Activities: canoeing, certain yoga poses…
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Why lift Olympic-style?

More than a couple of people have asked me why do Olympic-style weightlifting? Why not do machines? Among the many reasons, let’s talk about one: daily living. For example: carrying groceries lifting children moving giant bags of dog food jumping to grab things off the top shelf hoisting garden supplies moving furniture climbing out of…
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Lots of reasons to lift weights

I got started with weightlifting in hopes of increasing my bone mineral density—and it has increased. I’ve continued to lift and learn more, though, because it is fun, and I like the way it feels. How about you?

Tons of fun

Have you ever thought about how much weight you have moved in one workout? Think about it: If you did even one set of five at 20 kilos, that’s 100 kilograms–or 220 pounds! A whole workout adds up to tons. Give it a shot–once–just for fun!